Who are we


We are a team of seasoned and internationally trained accountants from Canada, UK, Pakistan and US and have come together and setup an accounting and bookkeeping service to support business owners with full cycle accounting.

Who are we
A Unique Value proposition

Our value proposition is what makes us different! We are public accounting firm trained accountants so we bring rich practical Industry experience for our clients. This rich experience gives us a crystal clear understanding of the businesses making it easier for us to quickly dive into business issues and find solutions to specific issues ranging from accounting to taxation to investments in new projects or plants.  
This way we focus on back-office matters of taxes, accounting, financing etc., and leaving business matters to the stakeholders.


We can service all types of businesses such as Banking and Non-Banking Financial Institutions, Logistics and Distributions, Food and Beverage (FMCG), Non for Profit organization (NFPO) and Public Sector Enterprise (PSE) and Government.

The Back Office

We make it simple – Automate the flow of documentations, reconciliation of Bank and credit card, and using cloud computing, advance level computer skills and deep accounting knowledge we are able to quickly prepare financial statements in matter of hours. We provide all back up schedules for your review including Fixed Assets, Taxes. With dash boards presenting the usual business matrices helps clients to be on top of business finances and operating matrices. This model will ultimately support a very lean and optimized Finance and Accounting office for the SME. For the CFO this will mean more time for strategic initiatives.


A dashboard helps our clients know their Bank balances, Account receivables and payables, Taxes due, Sales and Profitability on a real time basis.


We provide the following services:

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Bank Reconciliation
Loan & Credit Card Reconciliation
Review of AR,AP

NTR Financial Statements

Professionally Prepared Statement of Income and Expenses, Balance Sheet
Notice to reader financial statements
All underlying Schedules

Working Papers for audit

Full set of working papers prepared to support the Financial Statements.

HST / GST filing

HST filed for clients on scheduled dates.  


T4 Employers Summary of Remuneration
Reconciliation of Salaries and taxes with CRA
Deduction at Source reconciliation


Reconciliations of all lead accounts on the statement of Financial Position. 

Our Approach

The business client will provide us with all the documentations and we will appoint a client associate with the following responsibilities:

  1. The designated on boarding associate will send out an email with the documentation checklist to the client’s two days before the due date for the delivery of financial information to us.
  2. The documentation check list is self explanatory and all documentations required must be provided in a timely manner.
  3. We deliver the financial statements with all the lead schedules on due date.
  4. Any additional time due to documentation / information errors will be charged separately.
  5. On agreed date the monthly service fee will be debited to the designated account together with additional charge.

Technology and Set up Support

  • System Integration (SI) and Accounting Operations and design
  • Fast response support you will not be left alone

Financing and Grants

  • We assist with business plans and cash flow Forecasts for startup and existing Businesses
  • Franchise Financing
  • Government Grants

Courses and Training

We train individuals to 

  • Become Superusers in MS Excel and Access
  • Fund Administrator
  • Support clients staff with automating processes

What People Say About Us

Very Competent and experienced bunch of accounting and Finance Professionals.. on time every time.

Mehmet Solmaz  Solmaz Food Inc

Very professionally completed the buy side due diligence for our prospective buyers.

Fred Atiq    Chairman Fiberex Inc Leduc Alberta

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